These are some of questions we receive the most from customers.

Our focus is on home buyer (purchase) leads including FHA, Conventional, 1st Home Buyers, Jumbo, USDA, VA, and Down Payment Assistance Programs. We can also capture leads for your location or company specific loan program such as DPA or occupation-specific loans.

We only utilize Google, Bing, & Yahoo! search engines by targeting keywords (PPC) specific to the lead types you want.

Using a combination of the website we build for you and the long-forms on each web page.  All leads are form submissions, however you may receive inbound calls resulting from website traffic (there is no charge for inbound phone calls).

Yes! We do not resell or recycle leads. In fact, the web pages we use to capture your leads are branded with your information only including company info, company logo, NMLS #, contact information, your bio and head shot (optional).

At minimum, every lead contains Desired loan type, Name, Phone Number, Email, Location (or desired purchase location), Purchase Price Range, Approximate Credit Rating (Self-Reported), Realtor status, Purchase time frame, and Consent for you to contact them.

Other info gathered may include VA status, reserves available, address and more.

Yes! We have a thorough lead vetting process in place that automatically identifies and removes leads containing false information. But if f you receive a bad lead simply forward it to within 3 days and let us know the situation. We’ll review the lead and remove it from your lead tally if deemed “bad”.

Customers who follow up immediately with every lead have make contact 60-80% on day 1 and 80%-90% by day 30.

99% of phone numbers should be valid and reachable due to our SMS phone verification process.

*we do not guarantee these results, they are based on averages from customer polling.

Branded Personalized Marketing – your name, information & face is on every page, next to your lead forms so your leads know who you are when submitting their pre-approval request.

Google Paid Search (PPC) – Our #1 source for lead generation is Google Adwords which yields very high quality leads because we are able to reach home buyers while they’re actively researching mortgage companies and loan approvals.

Customization – your campaign’s strategy is built based on your lead needs.

Most campaigns are launched within 5 days of purchase, and your first lead captured within 3 days of launching. Many times we have your campaign strategy finalized and ready to go from Demo meetings & follow up meetings that happen before you purchase a package which helps us launch faster. If we need to submit content to your compliance department for approval this may extend your launch date.

Yes! In fact, our CRM is FREE for every customer who wants to use it. Out of the box, our CRM comes with email & text templates, a 30-day recommended follow-up workflow, round-robin and simultaneous lead notifications (for teams), and customizable lead stages to help you organize your pipeline, save time, and close more deals.

None. We never charge for anything except the exclusive leads you purchase.

Likely, yes. Leads integrate with any CRM that allows for 3rd party lead integrations which is most of the CRMs on the market today.

Email, text message, phone call and CRM upload. You get to decide which you’d like during the launch phase of new campaign development.


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phone: 1.888.603.5545