Automated lead systems that help mortgage brokers, branch managers and teams close more deals.



Verified Real

Every lead is verified for authenticity before it gets to you.

Every lead consents giving you permission to contact them about loan pre-qualification and information.

100% Exclusive

Tired of being the 10th agent to call an annoyed home buyer? Every lead we capture is just for you.

Credit Worthy

Lead Consent

Every lead includes self-reported credit ratings. You do not pay for poorly rated leads.

Custom Targeting

Reach buyers in your local market or target locations across the country.

Motivated Home Buyers

Leads are screened using response queues that ensure they are motivated to buy.

Features & Capabilities

100% Exclusive and Verified for Authenticity

Automated Live Phone Transfers NEW

Real-time Notifications (Email, Text, and Phone)

Lead Distribution Rules (Round-Robin and Simultaneous)

Personalized Branded Marketing

Custom Targeting (By Location & Loan Types)

Email & Text Drip Campaigns

Automated Appointment Setting

Easy CRM Integration

Full Service Campaign Management

All Leads Captured In-House By Service Leads


- V. Shaffer -

Sr. Loan Officer, Texas

"Service leads has been instrumental to my business. They offer quality individualized leads!! If you are trying to grow your pipeline this is the way to go. I highly recommend this service."

- D. Iannuccilli -

Broker, Rhode Island

- C. Fonagy  -

Branch Manager, Ohio

"Working with them is amazing! My business will double this year since starting with Service Leads. Your the best!

Service Leads LLC have been great, lead flow, contact rate, legitimacy. I feel your product is better than my experience with other " Brand Name " more


60 Day Lead Packages


120 Exclusive Leads

Teams up to 2 LOS

Single State Geo-Targeting

CRM w/ Drip Campaigns**

Custom Pricing


250 Exclusive Leads

Teams up to 4 LOS

Auto Appointment Setting

1-2 States Geo-Targeting

CRM w/ Drip Campaigns**

$ 6,000


*Custom packages available for larger teams. Email

** CRM is Optional. Email drips included w/ all packages. SMS Drips in Professional, VP, and Multi-Market Takeover Packages.


Top Seller

390 Exclusive Leads

Teams up to 6 LOS

Auto Appointment Setting

Live Phone Transfers

1-3 States Geo-Targeting

CRM w/ Drip Campaigns**



500+ Exclusive Leads

Teams up to 10 LOS

Auto Appointment Setting

Live Phone Transfers

1-5 States Geo-Targeting

CRM w/ Drip Campaigns**

$ 9,000

All Packages Include Custom Landing Pages, CRM Integration, Real-time Email, Text & Phone Notifications (Round Robin or Simultaneous Routing), and Full-service Account Management.


How long does it take to get started?

First, the biggest factor that determines contact rate is your follow up approach. We recommend following up within 5 minutes and we provide you with the tools to do so via real-time notifications including phone call notifications that allow you to direct connect with the lead. Clients who follow our system have an 60-80% contact rate on day 1 and 80%-90% by day 30.

Wondering how it works? These are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Still have questions?

What types of leads do you offer?

After we capture your lead they are directed to an online calendar tool that allows them to book a pre-qualification phone meeting with you. It integrates with most calendars like gmail, office 365, iCal and more so the meeting will automatically update on your calendar.  Integration also prevents leads from double booking your calendar.

We currently only offer purchase leads (no refinance, reverse, etc.). Our lead types include FHA, First Home Buyers, VA, Conventional, Down Payment Assistance Programs, Grant / Bond Programs, Specialty Loan Programs (unique to your company), and Home Buyer Pre-qualification Request leads.

- FAQ -

What are you close rates?

How do you find leads?

  1. Branded Personalized Marketing - your name & face is on every page and next to every form, so your leads are know who you are before you pick up the phone to call.
  2. Customization - your campaign's strategy is built based on your lead needs.
  3. Service - we know our customers by name and provide open phone & email support. We want long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.

We utilize Google, Bing, & Yahoo! search engines by targeting keywords (PPC) specific to the lead types you want.  In some cases Facebook is utilized but a large majority of leads are found through search networks.

What are live phone transfers?

How do you capture a lead?

They are captured on web pages that contain mortgage information relevant to their search query. We build these pages for you and they include forms that visitors fill out if they are interested in getting pre-qualified or discussing their home buying options with you.

What contact rate should I expect?

Are leads really exclusive?

Close rates vary between 4% to 9% and higher.  Your success depends on many factors including the housing market you're targeting, your companies loan products and under writing process, but most important is having a consistent follow up strategy.  We provide you with the tools needed to maximize first contact and stay in touch over time. The longer you stick with the program the larger your pipeline will grow which leads to higher close rates.

Yes. We do not resell or recycle leads.  In fact, the web pages we use to capture your leads are branded with you and your companies information including company logo, NMLS #, your contact information including a bio and headshot (optional). Your new leads receive automated confirmation and follow up emails from you which solidifies the exclusive relationship.

What differentiates you from other lead companies?

What information do your leads include?

Most campaigns are launched within 3 days of purchase, and your first lead within 3 days of launching.  Many times we have your campaign strategy finalized and ready to go from Demo meetings & follow up meetings that happen before you purchase a package which helps us launch faster.  If we need to submit content to your compliance department for approval this may extend your launch date.

Every lead contains Name, Phone Number, Email, Location (or desired purchase location), Purchase Price Range, Approximate Credit Rating (Self-Reported), If they are working with a Realtor, and Consent for you to contact them. In addition, we often capture Purchase Timeframe, Past Bankruptcies, and Military Status (VA Only).

What is Automated Appointment setting?

Do you have a lead return policy?

When a lead is captured our system automatically dials the lead and connects them with you or your team (round robin or simultaneous lead routing is available).  It's as simple as picking up the phone and speaking with a fresh lead who has asked to be connected with you!

Yes! We have a thorough lead vetting process in place that automatically identifies and removes leads containing false information. But, if you receive a lead with a disconnected or non-working phone number simply forward the lead to and let us know the situation. We'll review the lead and run it through our validation software and if it is confirmed invalid you will not pay for the lead.

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Established in 2015. We are a digital marketing agency for mortgage brokers, offices and branch managers seeking exclusive mortgage leads for teams or offices. Our customized approach towards every client means your business goals, loan types, target market(s), and team size determine a campaign strategy that meets your lead needs. Everything is managed in-house by Service Leads so you can focus on what's important: Closing More Deals!

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